Committed to providing an excellent, efficient, and highly effective defense.


At Dirska & Levin, we understand that our clients want the right balance of thoroughness and efficiency. For every claim we defend, we tailor our approach not only to the specific facts of the claim, but to the needs of our client. We also pride ourselves on having a team-oriented approach. That means, not only do the attorneys within our office confer with one another, but we seek to have you, as the client, engaged in the strategy and decision making process. 


Client Testimonials

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the services and legal advice of the attorneys at Dirska and Levin. In my past 5 years of employment with a prominent insurance company, I have been pleased with the knowledge and responsiveness from this fine law firm. It is not only important to know the right answers but to get back with your customers in an urgent manner.
— S.N., Senior Claims Representative
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They have extensive knowledge in the field of workers compensation and someone is always available to help with general questions.
— L.F., AIC, AIS Resolution Specialist Key Risk
Dirska and Levin is a terrific firm and I really enjoy working with them. Everyone is very thorough, diligent, and keeps me well informed about the status of my claims.
— D.T., Manager - Treasury and Insurance Services National Gypsum Company